The Beehive Collective Workshop 1 - 2 pm


Mesoamérica Resiste is the third and final installment in the beehives trilogy about globalization in the Americas. Themed around resistance to large scale infrastructure development in southern Mexico and Central America, this visual presentation uses storytelling and metaphor to explain the forces institutions and dynamics of global capitalism, with a special focus on water to honour our gathering. The second half of the presentation flips the perspective on these issues, looking at grassroots struggles for sovereignty, dignity, and the protection of natural systems.

The Beehive Design Collective is a wildly-motivated, all volunteer, activist-art collective dedicated to “cross-pollinating the grassroots” by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images for use as educational and organizing tools. We work anonymously as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, gathered and shared through first hand conversations with affected communities.

Yoga 2 - 3 pm

We are pleased to be able to share yoga with the community at Waterstock.  Water and yoga are Screen_Shot_2017-06-02_at_11.06.20_AM.pnginextricably connected and this has lead us to feel that Waterstock is an important place for us to unite.  In ancient India the Ganges River is revered as a sacred body of water with other worldly properties and effects on the body, mind, and spirit.  It is easy to see how that reverence lends itself to gaining a deep and abiding respect for all water and the gifts that she shares with us in our own lives and home towns.  Our collective of yoga instructors are all certified and experienced in instructing participants of all levels.  Join us at 2PM for a gentle flow inspired by the element of water.  You will be lead by Miriana Simpraga of GoYoga Orangeville, 5Elements Brampton/Halton, RobotSurfer, and many other local studios, Shannon Miller - owner at Saving Grace Yoga in Rockwood, Sam Shepherd - owner at Wild Beasts Yoga in the Town of Erin and myself… Mary-Kay Amos - Devoted Yogini and Instructor at large.  We hope that you join us in our flow and connect to the power of the water and one another from 2 to 3PM.





ShantiMaya Kirtan 3 - 4 pm



ShantiMaya Kirtan is Betty M. Ovejas and Bill Smeaton, a husband and wife team from the KW, who have been practicing Bhakti Yoga through Kirtan for more than five years. Having trained with David Newman, Sean Johnson and Brenda McMorrow, ShantiMaya started leading Kirtan in 2014, taking traditional Sanskrit mantras and layering them upon original melodies played on harmonium and classical guitar.




Children's Area 12 - 5 pm

 Children must be parent/guardian supervised in the children's Area

Screen_Shot_2017-06-02_at_11.54.28_AM.pngWatery Waterstock Craft-making Station 12 - 5 pm

Join a team of volunteers from the Headwaters Class to make your own water wand, water hat and flowing cape or skirt. Please be prepared to don your creation and join in the culminating spectacle as the grand finale!


Face painting! 12 - 5 pm

We are a crew of multi award winning face & body painting artists. This is not a sideline for us - this is what we love doing. Our Artists are known for their artistic ability & each individuals unique style.



Farm school program with Everdale farms 12 - 5 pm (while supplies last)


Make pots for plants to show how agriculture and water tie together - with Adrienne Sultanna



Everdale offers community and farm school programs that foster the development of environmental literacy and stewardship. We believe that these programs provide meaningful learning for children and are essential in helping to create innovative solutions for an ecologically sustainable future.


Seed Ball Fun with Shoresh 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm

Screen_Shot_2017-06-02_at_11.40.04_AM.pngJoin friends from Shoresh and make seed balls. This is a water-efficient planting method to create more pollinator- friendly habitats!
 Shoresh is the Hebrew word for “root.”  Grounded in Canadian soil, Shoresh helps community members get back to their Jewish roots.




ROCKgarden Party 1:30 pmScreen_Shot_2017-06-02_at_11.57.38_AM.png

A fun, interactive, ROCK Operetta about saving the environment together. On his way to perform at a rock concert, oblivious urbanite SkaterDude gets lost in the rock garden, where he stumbles into the gregarious, social butterfly Earth Angel, struggling to keep the garden alive. City smog has caused a dreadful drought, and SkaterDude must befriend the Garden Groms (the audience) to help bring the rain by teaching them to sing, dance, and drum. Sing-a-long with "Toad and Frog" and Guelph Outdoor School friends! 2-3 pm


Sing-A-Long with Toad and Frog 2-3 pm

Between the 2 of them* toad* and*Frog* know lotsa songs and they LOVE to sing all day... let your wild spirit out and come sing songs of nature and especially songs to honor the waters. ALL AGES





Games with Guelph Outdoor School 3-4 pm


Join Guelph Outdoor School instructors for some fun and enriching games!


The Guelph Outdoor School seeks to promote a rich understanding and love for the land and waters of Guelph.  Through nature-based mentoring, we support young people in their journeys towards being whole persons: connected to the themselves, others, and the natural world, courageous, self-aware,
creative, caring and viscerally alive. 

They are stewards of the land and of their communities.




Grand Finale Parade!!! 4:30 pm



Anne Barber of Shadowland Theatre and Aaron Davis of Convergence Theatre are working with Andrea Most, Rochelle Rubinstein, and Lanny Shereck, of Bela Farm, to create the Waterstock Parade. The parade will include a fifteen foot high water goddess puppet, a marching band (hopefully Lemon Bucket Orchestra, not yet confirmed), stilt walkers, flag bearers, the belly dancers of Invoketress, representatives of indigenous communities, children in water-themed hats and capes, and more. The parade will culminate in a dramatic visual Call to Action.




Twitter – ShadowlandThtre

Convergence Theatre

T-Dot Marching Band (NOT Lemon Bucket)

Mary Snow and Invoketress Belly Dancers

Gary Diggins and his crew

Peter Skoggard (aka the Blue Heron) and friends

Crystal Sinclair’s group (ask Mike B for the name)




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