Listen to a sample of music from our Waterstock performers here on a YouTube playlist


Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo

Waterstock Performer Jim Cuddy 

When Jim got his first guitar at the age of ten, the first song he learned was Gordon Lightfoot’s “That’s What You Get For Loving Me”. Today, twenty-five years after the formation of Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor are widely respected as one of Canada’s best songwriting teams. In 1998, Jim released All in Time which went on to sell Gold in his native Canada.  His next album, 2006’s The Light That Guides You Home, was released to critical acclaim and won the Juno for Adult Alternative Album of the Year. In 2011 Jim released Skyscraper Soul, his 3rd solo album. His voice, always a voluptuous instrument, has never sounded better and Cuddy proves once again that his songwriting ranks with the best Canada has to offer.



Oh Susanna


Searching for identity is the hallmark of youth, and Vancouver in the 1980s was a place on the verge of knowing. Here, Oh Susanna (Suzie Ungerleider) discovers what it means to be undone by love, the exuberant freedom under the cover of night, and music bursting with riotous rebellion. Like a coming of age novel, A Girl In Teen City, is both piercingly specific and exhilaratingly familiar. No matter where you grew up, or where you live, the songs will bring you home.

A Girl in Teen City is a gorgeous piece of work. There’s something here for anyone who appreciates the art of songwriting and great musicianship. I haven’t heard a better, or more complete, album this year so far. Rating: 5 stars —




Bry Webb of The Constantines


Bry Webb is the lead singer of The Constantines. He has released three LPs under his own name, which are sparse, moody and gentle things, compared to the bombast of the Cons. He will be joined by lap steel guitarist Rich Burnett for this loving, if subtly psychedelic, folk music performance. Video of Bry Webb performing at Massey Hall



Harrow Fair

Miranda Mulholland (formerly of Great Lake Swimmers) & Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Players)

Waterstock Performer Harrow Fair

Harrow Fair is Miranda Mulholland & Andrew Penner. One part stomping songs that echo early country and rock 'n' roll. The other gritty ballads that sound sweet and haunted. This duo's evocative and rapidly expanding collection of songs are utterly foreign, oddly familiar, and deeply gratifying. Debut full-length album "Call To Arms" is out now.

Reuben Bullock Of Reuben and The Dark


Calgary's Reuben and the Dark is a collection of five multi-instrumentalists and vocalists led by Reuben Bullock. The group makes chilling, emotive folk and soul driven by dark, introspective lyrics that explore the duality of misery and joy.

Boasting a rare chemistry between all members across western Canada, Reuben and the Dark has emerged organically from Canada's stellar independent scene on the strength of often anthemic compositions that translate the language of emotion into song with haunting clarity.

Their debut album is produced by the UK's Chris Hayden (Florence & the Machine) and Canada's Stephen Kozmeniuk (Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and The Game feat Kanye West) and is being mixed by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Adele).


Digging Roots


Musical partners Raven and ShoShona are the creative team and inspiration behind Digging Roots. In creating music they utilize the traditional Anishinabek Song Lines composition technique of tracing melody and rhythm from the contours of the land. This traditional method of creating songs is paired with modern Eurocentric techniques of composition.

Their latest JUNO nominated album ‘For The Light’ brings more global-blues infused songs and audience ‘round dances’ to their national and international tours.



Shannon Kingsbury


Shannon Kingsbury is a singer, songwriter, harpist and music educator based in Guelph Ontario. Her diverse performing career has included work on film soundtracks, stage and recording studio works.

A tireless collaborator and innovator, Shannon has created a number of multi-disciplinary presentations in conjunction with groups like Guelph Dance Festival, Choreographer Karen Kaeja, Fall on Your Feet Dance Collective, aerial silk artists Vol-au-vent and more. Along with Sue Smith, Shannon is Co-Artistic Director of Ondine Chorus, a vocal ensemble dedicated to the development and staging of new vocal compositions and arrangements.


Shannon received critical praise for her debut release LuminoCity, inspiring critics to write, Shannon has "a voice that is hard to turn away from" (Ontarion); her compositions are "inspired by music centuries old and modernized and recreated to be all her own" (Echo); "LuminoCity" is "a world-minded collection of folksy tales surrounded by harp... with poignant rhythms and excellent production... these songs play out like a living fairy tale" (Huffington Post).



JF Robitaille & Lail Arad



JF Robitaille has long been celebrated as one of the most engaging songwriters in Canada, his 3rd album “Palace Blues” was released by Sparks/Universal in 2016 and the single “Missing You” (feat.Julie Doiron) reached #4 on the CBC Radio 2 National charts. He has opened for the likes of St.Vincent, Jonathan Richman and Sean Lennon and has toured extensively throughout Canada and Europe.

Montreal native JF Robitaille is more than wearing his heart on his sleeve — he’s pouring his heart into his lyrics. - National Post

Un des plus beaux porte-étendard du folk montréalais. - Voir Montreal

Evokes Lou Reed in its detachment and Leonard Cohen in its dark lyricism. - Montreal Gazette

JF Robitaille’s songs are so original that no comparisons are necessary. - Der Spiegel

Lyrically sincere and utterly charming. JF Robitaille could rise to be a Cohen for the new age; but with optimism, melody and a prettier voice. - Exclaim Magazine

Lail Arad’s second album The Onion, released by The Vinyl Factory in April 2016, received UK radio play from the likes of Lauren Laverne, Jarvis Cocker, John Kennedy, Robert Elms and Max Reinhardt, with the singles Lay Down and Milo playlisted by Spotify and Beats1. Press coverage included Paper Mag, The Financial Times, The London Evening Standard, The 405 and Clash. The album also got extensive radio and press coverage in France and Germany. In Autumn of last year Lail was awarded Women Make Music funding from PRS Foundation for 12 date UK tour, which included two sold out shows at London’s Servant’s Jazz Quarters.

A brilliant lament about 16 million cases of heartbreak by the wonderful Lail Arad. - Billy Bragg

I’m all about this woman’s new album. - Lauren Laverne, 6 Music

This is literate acoustic singer-songwriter fare at its best... Album of the year contender. - The Arts Desk Lail Arad rayonnante dans Lay Down... Le folk version mutin et moderne. - Les InRocks



Test Their Logik


Using hip-hop to inspire political action and to deliver potent messages of social and environmental justice, TEST THEIR LOGIK has developed a following amongst activists and hip-hop heads alike. For 7 years they've toured this planet, supporting social movements and freedom fighters at the frontlines of struggles against the tyranny and violence of the powerful, as well as rocking parties, festivals, and stages on every continent. Their most recent album “BE” was well-received on campus radio across Canada, staying in the the top 10 on the hip-hop charts Nationally for 10 weeks straight and hitting #1 at various stations across North America. They are currently working on their third full-length Album "See".




Band of People



Action is a result of the One’s realization that it is the equal and opposite reaction to the present circumstance of it’s imbalance. In classical physics this can be represented as Newton’s third law of motion. Band of People understands that music is the most powerful state of action. It’s vibration is an act of consciousness and it’s spherical wave penetrates inward and outwards in every direction. Formed at the Humber College of Music in Toronto Ontario, arguably the most pluralistic and multicultural society in modern human history, Band Of People, like neuron's in the human brain, came together to express the universal truth’s of peace, love and compassion using the language of music. In essence, their honest expression can be defined like this. Between the Rock and the Soul lies the vacuum of everything in which travels a wave of Electrons. This is the balance of life as the wave realizes it is the ocean. These badass electrons will be performing songs from their upcoming debut EP starting February 2017.



Moscow Apartment


Brighid and Pascale met as young members of the Viva Youth Singers, one of the top children's choirs in Toronto. After several seasons of singing in the Nutcracker for the National Ballet (so yes they have technically already sung at the Four Seasons Centre), they established a friendship that would survive into their teens. Both are grads of Girls Rock Camp and take lessons & coaching from the one of a kind, talented den mother to feminist musicians across the city, Kritty Uranowski. Brighid & Pascale performed their songs together at The Tranzac & Burdock before officially launching their project Moscow Apartment in early 2017.




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