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My life as a water way, in four parts: Pike

Deirdre Pike  |  Hamilton Spectator  |  7 July, 2017

"If you were to write a book about your life in four chapters, what titles would you give them?" posed my spiritual director as a getting-to-know-you exercise for the eight-day silent retreat I had just begun that sunny Sunday last August. One hour a day with Sister Margo Ritchie, CSJ, would be my saving grace when I could give voice to the conversations stirring within me. [...] I could organize the four chapters based on the significant water ways running through or bordering some of my earthly dwelling places to date. See full article.

Waterstock's success came at the perfect time, says Wellington Water Watchers chair

Jordan Snobelen  |  Guelph Mercury  |  15 June, 2017

Mike Nagy, the chair of Wellington Water Watchers, is exhausted after the Waterstock festival went off without a hitch this past Sunday in Erin, Ont., drawing upwards of 3,000 people under a hard sun to eat, hear live music and sample local brews. Waterstock was the culmination of more than 10 years of work and advocacy, aimed at showing Premier Kathleen Wynne that people care about their water supply, said Nagy. See full article.

Ont. Increasing Groundwater Withdrawal Fee for Water Bottlers

Tony Saxon  |  |  12 June, 2017

The first-ever Waterstock was a big, sunny success Sunday at the Erin Fairgrounds. Water is for life, not profit, was the dominant message behind the music and up front from the many guest speakers who spoke between sets. “Waterstock is the culmination and the rallying point for everyone in Ontario, not just those that are here,” said Mike Nagy, chairman of Wellington Water Watchers, who put the event on with Riverfest Elora. See full article.

Water bottle battle in Erin

CTV News Kitchener  |  11 June, 2017

CTV News coverage from Waterstock. See video.

Ont. Increasing Groundwater Withdrawal Fee for Water Bottlers

Water Canada Staff  |  Water Canada: The Complete Water Magazine  |  8 June, 2017

The Province of Ontario has announced it will be charging water bottling companies an additional $500 for groundwater withdrawals. Beginning Aug. 1, 2017, water bottlers will pay $503.71 for every million litres of groundwater taken. The government has instituted the new fee in order to help recover costs associated with managing groundwater taken by water bottlers, including supporting scientific research on the environmental impacts as well as enhanced data analysis on groundwater taken for water bottling. See full article.

Special water blessing celebrated grandmother water protectors

GuelphToday Staff  |  Guelph Today  |  17 May, 2017

Sunshine warmed Ontario this year for Mothers’ Day as people gathered at the banks of the Speed and Eramosa Rivers in Guelph, to celebrate water and Mother Earth. Wellington Water Watchers and co-host, Council of Canadians Guelph Chapter, collaborated to host the May Water Blessing. The event was opened by 91-year-old, Great Grandmother, Helen Prowse, giving a Territorial Acknowledgment. Marianne’s Park, overlooking the confluence of the rivers and Guelph’s covered bridge, was the perfect setting to pay tribute to two Canadian Grandmother Water Protectors, Josephine Mandamin and Maude Barlow. See full article.

Time for Ontario to protect its water supplies

Mike Nagy and Maude Barlow  |  Waterloo Region Record  |  11 May, 2017

New Ontario guidelines regarding commercial water-bottling permits do not address the problems of protecting Ontario's groundwater, reducing plastic waste and pollution and ensuring water is for life, not profit. The revised guidelines make companies like Nestlé Waters Canada jump over more hurdles to renew their permits to take water. On their own, however, the guidelines will not significantly reduce or stop the bottling of Ontario's precious water by multinational corporations such as Nestlé. Nestlé Waters Canada is currently permitted to take more groundwater every single day than the average Ontarian uses in 70 years. The revised guidelines do nothing to change this. See full article.


Ontario's Waterstock reveals 2017 lineup with Bry Webb, Reuben and the Dark, Band of People

Sarah Murphy  |  Exclaim!  |  27 April, 2017

Waterstock will be dousing Erin, ON, with some sweet tunes this summer in support of the "Water for Life Not Profit" movement, and organizers have just unveiled the first round of performers for the event. Bry Webb of Constantines, Reuben Bullock of Reuben and the Dark, and Band of People are slated to headline the one-day festival, which takes place from 12-5 p.m. on June 11 at the Erin Fairgrounds. See full article.


Nestlé discusses Middlebrook well purchase

Olivia Rutt  |  The Wellington Advertiser  |  28 April, 2017

ERIN - Nestlé Waters Canada officials opened up about  the purchase of the Middlebrook Well outside of Elora during an Erin council meeting on April 18. Andreanne Simard and Jennifer Kerr of Nestlé Waters Canada presented an annual report as part of a discussion about an annual contribution from Nestlé to Erin, which received strong opposition from many at the meeting. Council voted 4-1 in favour of the annual voluntary levy of $0.50 per 1,000 litres, with a minimum payment of $25,000 per year. Nestlé’s purchase of the Middlebrook well near Elora was broached by councillor Matt Sammut, who said he was skeptical about Nestlé’s bid against Centre Wellington, which he said “gives an appearance that the community is not as important as a well for your profit.” See full article.


Time to phase out bottled water

Readers' Letters  |  Toronto Star  |  13 April, 2017

Elizabeth Griswold’s critique of the Toronto Star’s editorial regarding bottled water displays a surprising poverty of the imagination. Today, we need everyone — government, citizens, businesses — to put their heads together to resolve what is rapidly becoming an intractable ecological crisis: the massive taking of groundwater that is packaged in plastic bottles and sold. Griswold’s article trots out many tired clichés, such as “anti-water-bottle arguments are based on emotion, not fact” See full article.


Nestlé Bottled Water Travels Up To 3,100 Km. Your Tap Is Metres Away.

Emma Paling  |  The Huffington Post Canada  |  13 April, 2017

Bottled water — and its sourcing and plastic packaging — has become a controversial product. Now, there's another reason you might want to avoid it. Nestlé, which is a major bottler of water in Canada, sources water from plants in Hope, B.C. and Aberfoyle, Ont. The plastic bottles then travel hundreds — sometimes thousands — of kilometres to be sold across the country, activists from the Council of Canadians have discovered. See full article.


Nestlé Waters offers Town of Erin money for community benefit fund

Kate Bueckert  |  CBC News  |  12 April, 2017

An offer by Nestlé Waters Canada to develop a community benefit fund for the Town of Erin is cause for concern, water advocates say. The fund would give the town 50 cents for every 1,000 litres of water Nestlé takes from the well they own in town. Nestlé has said the town would get at least $25,000 annually. But Mike Nagy of the Wellington Water Watchers said the fund is a "quasi-profit situation" and no municipality should profit from the sale of water. See full article


Town urged to reject voluntary water payments from Nestlé

Kelcey Wright-Johnson  |  Erin Advocate  |  11 April, 2017

Over a dozen Erin residents gathered at Town Hall to support Linda Rosier as she urged Council to decline a proposal by Nestlé Waters Canada to pay a voluntary levy to the Town for water pumped from its Hillsburgh well. They have offered $0.50 per 1,000 litres annually, with a minimum payment of $25,000, and no financial cap. Rosier says that Erin citizens can raise the money themselves.  “This is our moment to shine; to come forward, to address those environmental issues that bottled water causes,” said Rosier at the April 4 meeting. “This is a decision that is really going to change the face of this town forever; it’s a legacy decision and it’s being carefully watched. We have a chance to stand up and be counted as caretakers of our precious resource.” See full article.


Chefs, musicians, activists set to launch Say No to Nestlé campaign, prepare for Waterstock

Chris Halliday  |  |  4 April, 2017

More than half a decade removed from Foodstock, celebrity chefs, musicians, artists and activists are reuniting to launch Waterstock as part of a local advocacy group’s Say No to Nestlé campaign. Waterstock, which will be held at the Bela Farm overlooking Nestlé Waters Canada well in Hillsburgh on June 11, follows in the tradition of Foodstock and Soupstock events, which mobilized public opposition and ultimately stopped The Highland Companies’ mega-quarry plan in Melancthon. Through Waterstock and its Say No to Nestlé campaign, the Wellington Water Watchers and Riverfest Elora aim to convince the provincial government to deny any renewals of Nestlé’s water-taking permits in Hillsburgh and Aberfoyle, as well as phase out permits for all water-bottling in Ontario. See full article.


It’s time we weaned ourselves off bottled water

Op-ed  |  Editorial Board  |  Toronto Star  |  26 March, 2017

We Canadians love our water, or so we say. In national polls we’ve declared it our most valuable natural resource. We just wrapped up Canada Water Week. And Toronto will host a festival of documentaries about water starting this Wednesday. We’re perfectly happy to celebrate the abundance of fresh, drinkable water in lakes and rivers across the country. Yet somehow, when we’re looking to quench our thirst, an awful lot of us reflexively reach for bottled water, not that same fresh, drinkable water available at a tiny fraction of the price simply by turning on the tap. Our overreliance on bottled water is a waste of money and a detriment to the environment. It’s time we resolved to end it. See full article.


Wellington Water Watchers celebrate 10 year anniversary

Matteo Cimellaro  |  The Ontarian  |  22 March, 2017

Local politicians joined members past and present to celebrate 10 years of the Wellington Water Watchers at the Wooly on March 18. According to the Wellington Water Watchers’ website, it is an “organization of citizens dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of drinking water of Guelph and Wellington County.” The non-profit, volunteer-operated organization has continually made efforts to protect the area’s natural resources, most recently in opposing Nestlé’s procurement of nearby wells. To mark a decade of community involvement and to raise awareness about their ongoing campaign against Nestlé, Wellington Water Watchers announced the inception of Waterstock, a new initiative blending music, art, and activism. See full article.


Stuck on the bottle

Corey Mintz  |  The Globe and Mail  |  21 March, 2017

You know you’re a 1990s kid if you remember bottled water. Back in the crazy days between the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11, fictional teens went to Degrassi High, America dropped bombs on Iraq and people actually paid for water taken from public sources and put into disposable bottles.  Wait, all of those things are still happening? That’s nuts. Most Canadians have perfectly good water pouring out of our taps, and drinking it doesn’t require the wasteful practice of shipping plastic bottles around the country or world. And yet, the Canadian bottled-water industry – lead by Nestlé ... – generates $2.5-billion in annual sales. See full article.


Canadians value, worry about country’s supply of fresh water: poll

Shawn McCarthy  |  The Globe and Mail  |  20 March, 2017

Canadians see fresh water as the country’s most important resource, but worry the country faces a growing risk to the quality and adequate supply of clean water, a new poll from the Royal Bank of Canada says. The release of the survey Monday comes after President Donald Trump released a proposed budget that week that would eliminate programs and regulations that protect the Great Lakes and other binational waterways. Mr. Trump’s proposed cutbacks are sparking new fears about the future quality of shared Canadian-U.S. water resources. See full article.


Water is a sacred gift

Bishop Michael Bird  |  Op-ed  |  Waterloo Region Record  |  16 March, 2017

March 16 is Bottled Water Free Day, a day for us to think critically about the very concept of bottling this sacred gift. Our faith communities have long sought, as a best practice, not to use bottled water; some have even banned its use outright. Every bottle of water purchased sends a message that it is OK for multinational corporations to commodify local water sources for material gain. Worse still, every plastic bottle continues to inflict unnecessary wounds upon the Earth long after it has been discarded. See full article.



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